Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Post #4

1.) Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? by Scott McLeod
Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor in the Educational Administration Program at Iowa State University. He has received numerous awards for his work in the education field. In his post "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?" Dr. McLeod at first seems as though he simply dislikes the use of technology, but if you read more closely, you can understand that he is portraying the message that through "technology" can be harmful if used incorrectly, it is for the most part a very wonderful thing. Dr. McLeod speaks that with the use of technology in the right way, kids can go far and the amount of learning is endless if used correctly.

2.) The iSchool Initiative (5:42)

My reaction to this video was WOW! I am really amazed at how far technology is advancing. I believe the iSchool initiative is a fantastic idea. The only problem I see is just how much will they cost for each student to have? And what about those students who cannot afford to buy one if they are required to purchase? Though technology is greatly advancing, is the cost of schooling going to be greatly increased as well to cover the cost of all of this newer technology? If so, where does all of this money come from and who is paying?

3.) The Lost Generation (1:44)

If you listen to the way the video is speaking, you get a negative vibe on how things in the world seem to be. Upon listening closer, as the video is going backwards, it turns from "negative" to a more "positive" view of things. I will say that this generation seems to be wrapped up too much into social sites as "Twitter" and "Facebook" that we often forget about the real world outside, and how much we are missing out on. The way the speaker portrays how negative things at first are, then to go backwards and make the negatives turn into a positive is amazing and such a twist in the end.

4.) Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir (6:20)

This video was absolutely amazing and left me speechless in the end! I am almost lost for words to post a reponse on it. It is just absolutely amazing at how far technology has advanced compared to 10-15+ years ago. To put together a choir of 185 students whom have never met, and all singing in perfect stance is just absolutely amazing and breathtaking. It is amazing at what one can achieve and do using the internet alone, and how far one can go.

5.) Teaching in the 21st Century

The use of technology in classrooms leads a path to numerous amazing items. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook and various other programs, one can communicate with just about anyone in the world. The internet provides a vast amount of knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the world today. It's amazing at how with the click of a button, one can go anywhere they wish, look up anything, and find all sorts of valuable information within a matter of seconds. Programs such as Skype, Googletalk, and various chats allow one to call and video chat with one another. Something that could not be done 10 years ago. I personally believe that after watching this video, teachers should be required to learn as much about technology as they can, and should incorporate the use of technology in their classrooms. Technology is rapidly changing in todays society, and is very much different than that of 10+ years ago. This video was eye-opening and I enjoyed watching it.


  1. Hi Tracy! Great post! It was very well set up! I love how you did that! I think that you are going to be a great teacher from reading your blog posts. I agree with you about teachers learning as much as possible about technology as possible! Especially we as future teachers should start thinking more about learning all we can, we are the the future teachers and by the time we are old and gray there will be forms of technology that we can't even fathom. We might as well stay ahead of the game :)

  2. Hi Sarah, and thank you! I can't even imagine the technology that will be here by the time we are old and gray. With how technology is changing today so fast, I can't wait to see what it will bring in 20+ years from now. It's amazing how things have changed since I was little. I remember being in 1st grade and sitting in front of those old IBM desktops, and thinking they were the greatest things ever. Now, we have computers the size of small books that we can carry anywhere with us. It's just amazing at how far technology has advanced since I was little.

  3. Hey, Tracy! I completely agree with your response to The Lost Generation video. I was definitely "wowed" when I watched this. It is sad to think how true the negative statements are for so many of the people in our generation. However, I suppose the "silver lining" is that there are a handful of people who feel the positive ways. As I said in my response to this video, family will always come first to me and I will teach my children that money is not happiness and that happiness comes from within. It is up to us to change the way the next generations think! I really enjoyed reading your responses! Good luck with the rest of the semester.

  4. iSchool Initiative. What the cost of your textbooks in a semester. What's the cost of an iPod Touch ($230 - $300) or an iPad ($500-$750). Can you really use the cost argument against this approach?

    21st century teaching. Technology is a tool. If teachers want to they can use technology to take a burp-back approach. So it is NOT just the technology!