Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Reflection Video

movie screen picture with the end written on it

EDM310 Final Reflection Video. I had A LOT of fun in this class and I enjoyed every activity, project, and blog post that I did. This class has taught me so much and I only hope that future EDM310 students will learn just as much and take with them that many thing that I learned this semester. I will truly miss this class. Good luck future EDM310 students!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Report on PLN

Personal Learning Network

This is not my PLN. My PLN consists of tiles devoted to the following:
Weather Channel
Various News channels (ABC, Fox10, CNN, etc...)
History Channel
Education networks

At first, I did not think doing a PLN was much of use for me as I had "Google" in front of me. But as I began to create my PLN, I realized hey, this is great! My PLN enables me to jump directly to websites that I love to visit, saving me time from having to type them in and going that route. I will DEFINITELY use my PLN whenever I enter my classroom, as I now realize how much time it actually can save you, not to mention the greatness it serves in the end. I cannot wait to work further on my PLN to finish it. I know I did not finish it, but I did this on purpose as I know as time goes on, I will find useful sites that I can add on to it with. Overall, I enjoyed the PLN a lot, and I can't wait to use it one day in my classroom.

Final Project #16

C4T #4

chalkboard, ruler, pencil, and teacher

Post #1

The Body Browser
Posted on April 6, 2011 by mrrobbo

Discovering the wonders of the Human Body has always been one of my favourite topics to learn and teach. From exploring the bones of the body to understanding the process of energy production, the human body seems to capture students imagination.

With this in mind, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across ‘The Body Browser‘ by Google a few months ago. As the name suggests Body Browser allows the user to navigate through the human body with speed, precision and complete anatomical accuracy. Check out the video demonstration from Betchaboy.

My Reply

Tracy Hunt, on April 18, 2011 at 2:10 pm said:

Hi Mr. Robbo,
I am a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. I watched your video on “The Body Browser” and I must say it’s a pretty cool program! I myself, am fascinated by the human body and all that it is capable of doing. I believe this is an excellent program everyone who is interested in how the human body works, and everything should have. I am going to download it myself and check it out. I think you did a fantastic job by posting it into your blog so that it would enable others to start using the program themselves. Once again, I enjoyed reading your blog and you can visit my blog anytime you wish, and leave a comment as well.
Tracy Hunt
EDM 310 student

Post #2

Make An ‘App’ for your class
Posted on April 20, 2011 by mrrobbo

It certainly isn’t everyday that you can say you have developed a mobile application. Well, with thanks to AppMakr I can safely say this today. AppMakr is an exceptional online tool that allows you to develop native iPhone/iPod/Android and Windows mobile applications without any programming experience.

Simply use the step by step guide to include media via RSS from a variety of sources making it a potential one stop shop for all of your web content. With this in mind, I set about to develop an application across all mobile platforms that could be used within my senior PE class to bring together all of the class content.

The basic idea behind the application is to make all of the class content available to my students at any time. As my students travel for in excess of half an hour each day to school this becomes a perfect platform for them to complete bite sized, personalised pieces of revision. The best thing is that as the content is sourced to the app via RSS, they to can have an input into the content creation.

My Reply
Hello, my name is Tracy Hunt and I am a student in Dr. Stranges EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. Upon reading this topic, I have to say that this is a GREAT app. to have. Feel free to comment on my blog anytime you wish.
Tracy Hunt

Blog Post #14 Special Assignment on Metaphors

Metaphors posters

1.) Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor? Being honest, I thought the topic was about pencils. I think the class missed the point probably because we all just read the assignment without actually going into depth about it.

2.) What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them? I have encountered numerous metaphors in my life, such as: "old as a door," "dead as a log," "jump for joy," "pinning the tail on the donkey," "hitting the nail on the head," "silly as a goose," "going the extra mile," to name a few.

3.) What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors? Many metaphors I do not get, but I try to understand them to the best of my ability. Googling is a first step to find out what a metaphor might mean, followed by asking others around me.

4.) Why do we use metaphors? Metaphors are used to state a point without having to actually say it to begin with. Metaphors allow us to say something in a humorous way without sounding too harsh. Metaphors can be used lots of different ways.