Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

This video is just absolutely amazing in every way. Dr. Pausch speaks about his illness in the beginning and does push ups in front of everyone to prove he still has it inside of him. I never would have guessed he was sick just by viewing this video, he does not look sick at all. Dr. Pausch speaks about his dreams, and goals in life. He lectures on that we all have "dreams" and "goals" in our life, and that it is up to every one of us to achieve such things in life. It's amazing how Dr. Pausch mentions to never give up on people. My parents never gave up on me on the tough days I had back in High School and some in College, when I just wanted to "quit" more so less to speak. I think we as future teachers should never give up on our students, we will all have bad days but never should we quit. Dr. Pausch believed in so much creativity among students. He really was an amazing individual. This video really did bring tears to my eyes because it was not only inspirational, but as well it was heartbreaking that such an amazing person was here on earth for such a short amount of time. I really wish more Professors were like Dr. Pausch. I plan to read his book and I keep "The Last Lecture" in my favorites now.


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  2. Hello Tracy, I am your C4C blogger for this week. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. You've done a great job constructing and posting! I agree with you that Randy Pausch's Last Lecture was inspiring and compelling. I appreciate Dr. Strange assigning this video. Like you, I plan to refer back to it on those days when I need a reminder of why I CHOSE to become an educator! By the way, if you have some time in the lab one Tues/Thurs aroung 2pm, I'd love to see what you've done with your PLN...I need a few pointers on Symbaloo. I have it downloaded but would like to learn more about navigating. Come on over to my blog. You can leave a comment on my PLN post.

  3. Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your feedback. I am sorry I am late replying, but with work and school it gets hectic. The thing with Symbaloo is that I too am slowly learning about it, I honestly don't have much done with my PLN and come Monday I am going to spend a few hours playing around with it and just working on my PLN. I need to learn how to save it so that I can figure out how to post it to my blog when that time comes. There is so much to learn about it that it's just crazy. I love symbaloo though, it's very interesting and fun.

  4. Hi, Tracy!

    How Randy Pausch taught is just as important as how he led his life!

    - Allie