Saturday, March 12, 2011

SmartBoard Presentation Project #13

We gave our group audience of 4 a quiz which consisted of 11 questions. The following are results from 3 of them;

The following questions were all answered correctly:
What state was not in the original 13 colonies? Oregon
Which was the first of the 13 colonies? Virginia
Which of the following states is located in the western part of the country? California
The capital of New York is New York. false
The capital of Virgina is Richmond. true
Where is New Jersey located? East
Where is Nebraska located? Central
What is the capital of Alabama? Montgomery

For the following questions:
Virginia was founded in 1629. False, two answered false and one said true.
Where is Montana located? West, Two answered west and one answered central.

Nobody answered the following question correctly:
Between what two states is the capital of the United States located? Maryland and Virginia, one did not answer and the other two answered Maryland and Delaware.

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