Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Post #11

1.) First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class (4:56)
a teddy bear holding a pencil and a sign in the background that says first graders

After watching this video, I must say that it is very AMAZING!!!!!! To see children creating blogs, and interacting with one another through the use of technology is just extraordinary. This teacher has done such an absolute amazing job with her classroom, and with her students! The technology for such young kids is amazing. Skype, blogging, creating Wikis, and overall just learning the many different programs and different uses of technology for such young students blew me away. The use of blogs in classrooms is very important. It allows the child to interact with his/her classmates and teacher, as well, it allows the parent(s) to view the blog of their child and see what is going on in their child's classroom as far as what they are doing throughout the day. Blogging also teaches about proper grammar skills, as well as social skills by allowing the student to interact with others online. I would definitely use blogging in my classroom.

2.) Skype Interview between Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy
Skype blue logo

Upon viewing the skype interview between Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy, I noticed that both instructors had similar views and attitudes towards technology. Through the interview, both teachers believe that technology will continue to advance. Technology is rapidly changing everyday. According to Ms. Cassidy, "the world is constantly changing." I agree with what she said. Technology is constantly changing. The way people think, schools, everything is advancing. It's vital for us as future teachers to keep up with the rapidly changing world. I never, as a child, really learned anything on a computer in school. It is astonishing at how kindergartners and so forth can create files, email, blog, create websites, etc... Technology will definitely be used in my classroom. A computer is a wonderful learning tool. I am a strong believer in learning as much about technology as possible, as technology is our future.

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  1. I am amazed! Three "amazing"s in the first three sentences!

    It's not just the technology. It is the emphasis on learning using the best tools possible.

    Be a Ms. Cassidy!